Meet The Hero Foundation Board

Michael Rupprecht

 President, CEO, and Founder

I am Michael Rupprecht.  I am the President and Founder of The Hero Foundation. I’m a nineteen-year-old Napa Valley native with a dream to do my part in saving the world. Apart from being President of one of Napa’s newest nonprofit foundations, I am also a published author, a musician, an actor, and a student of political science at our very own Napa Valley College.  Along with my service work at The Hero Foundation, I like to travel with Outreach360 as a teacher in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and I am also a council member of Teens Connect in Napa Valley. I love my family, my friends, my team, and with every second of my life, I want to work for peace. I believe we can save the world. Let’s get to work, Heroes.

Raphael Genty

Marketing Director and Co-Founder

My name is Raphael Genty, I am eighteen years old senior at New Technology High School, and the Co-Founder of the Hero Foundation. I am a swim team and water polo player for Napa High School. I have lead abroad trips to the Dominican Republic as well as Nicaragua, and am a council member of teens connect! My favorite color is red, and on my free time, I enjoy running my Tech Help Business that I started called Genty Tech Help!

Dominic Di Pasqua

Director of Communications and Co-Founder

My name is Dominic Di Pasqua. I am the Co-Founder of The Hero Foundation and I am serving as the Director of Communications. I am currently a Senior at Napa High School. I am very passionate nature lover as well as an environmental advocate, and I want to do what I can to help preserve our beautiful world. In the fall of 2019, I will be attending Northern Arizona University to study Environmental Science in hope to continue my passion of helping the environment there. Apart from service work, I spend a lot of my time rock climbing, biking or  anywhere outside in nature.

Kai Matthiasson

Management Analyst

Hey, my name is Kai Matthiasson, I am currently a senior at Napa high and soon to be a freshman at Colorado College. I serve as the Event Coordinator at the Hero Foundation, where my love for helping people and nature is expressed. I have grown up on an organic farm, and every summer I work on another farming teaching kids about sustainable agriculture. I am also the president of the Napa High Sierra Club, who work with the Hero Foundation in environmental projects, like the Schools for Climate Action Resolution. Outside of the Foundation work, I enjoy music, art, the outdoors, and cooking. 

Jordan Locke

Artistic Director and Planning Director

I am Jordan Locke, the Hero Foundation’s new Creative Consultant. I’m 18. I work independently in the field of Architectural coatings & I study studio arts at the Napa Valley College. I am a youth leader at Napa Sea Scout Ship 90, I practice the rare trade of sign painting, and I really like to travel & explore ruins.

Antonio Vivan

Technology Liason

My name is Antonio Vivan. I was born and raised here in Napa, California. I graduated from Napa Christian in 2018, and currently attend and play basketball at the Napa Valley College. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, taking hikes, reading books, and saving the world.

Julia Kennon

Volunteer Manager

My name is Julia Kennon, and I am the Volunteer Manager of the Hero Foundation. I currently attend the Napa Valley College and am pursuing a degree in Art History, although I also have an affinity for giving back to my community. I have a great interest in the preservation of our environment, and often enjoy being immersed in nature or visiting local parks. I have been active in volunteering to support veterans and find this work to be very fulfilling. I believe that change commences with the individual, and am passionate about self-discovery and introspection. I enjoy reading, hiking, touring museums and participating in the arts!

Leann Rody

 Planning Director

I’m Leann Rody and I’m the planning director for the Hero Foundation! I’m a Napa High graduate where I took the leadership class and became an ASB officer in senior year, as well as being a student-athlete and involved in environmental protection. I’m now a freshman in college majoring in molecular biology and involves in the MESA club on campus. When I have any down time, I love to watch movies or spend time with my friends at coffee shops.

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The Hero Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization recognized by the state of Califonia.  Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Tax identification number:  83-3819659

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