Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the instructors of these online courses and E-Books?

The authors and instructors of these courses and e- books are qualified, experts in their fields. All the courses we are offering have been tested that produce results when they applied properly.

2. Do who have the legal rights to sell these programs?

Yes, we do have all the required licenses to promote and sell the programs, courses, and eBooks

3. Why you do not offer Refunds?

As the products are not in physical form we cannot track if someone who has purchased the program and is using it will not ask for a refund while at the same time is keeping the product. It’s a common practice a downloadable product to be not refundable. For more information about our Refund Policy visit our specific section.

4. Are you offering money back guarantee?

We are not offering money back guarantee as even though we believe in the power of our courses and programs it depends upon each individual the level of success they are going to have with it. Unfortunately, most people who buy a course they do not do what is required to get the results they intended to have when they have purchased the program.

5. What is your background?

We are a team of qualified marketers, who have spent almost 20 years helping small and medium size business owners to gain more clients, to fix their personal finances, to increase their productivity in order to gain success.

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